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“I have owned black trucks for over the past 22 years now. As you probably know black is the hardest vehicle to keep clean but it’s the best looking vehicle when it is clean. When I bought my 2015 Denali HD it had pen stripes on it. I wanted them off, when they took them off they used razor blades and rubbing compound. The dealership I bought it from spent $1000 to have swirls and marks removed. I still wasn’t 100% happy but decided to leave with the truck. I have been bringing all of my vehicles to Kfaul’s for years, Kurt and his family has been in the detailing business for many years.

I decided to reach out to Kurt to see what he could do to help with my truck. That is when I learned about Varigon Solutions. Kurt applied it to my truck and all I can say is WOW! It looks like it just came off the showroom floor. Water beads off the truck like its nobody’s business and it has cut my was time in half. If I drive through a hard rain storm and then drive out of it for a while all the water and water spots fly off the truck and when I stop the truck looks like I just washed it. This product and Kfaul’s are amazing!!!

If you decide to have Kurt put Varigon on your vehicle keep in mind the sooner the better. Most of the work comes with the prep job, getting all the swirl marks and water spots off. That being said the longer you wait the more it will cost you. Had I known about this product before I would have left the dealership and drove straight to Kfaul’s. Bottom line his product, service, and price are better than his competition in the Greater Baton Rouge Area. If you care about the investment you have made in your vehicle get it over to Kfaul’s so Kurt can protect your investment.

Thanks Kurt!!!”

C. Bonanno

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“I’ve been using KFauls for detailing my inventory vehicles. Always pleased with the final product and always brings our used inventory to a higher standard. Thanks for your great service and making it so easy to do business with each other!”

Stephen Angelloz
Superior Van and Mobility

“We bring all of our cars to KFAULS. They do a wonderful job and make each car look like you just drove it off the showroom floor.”

Cindy DeAngelo

“I was impressed not only with the quality of Kurt’s work, but with his knowledgeable opinion on the work my car needed. Kurt also offered transportation to and from my office. I am pleased with the fair price, excellent work, and customer service.”

Lee Berg

I got a super wash for $20 bucks that made my TL exterior look as nice as it was the day I bought it.

I also talked to the owner and he mentioned how most of his business actually comes from dealers and car rental places who get their cars detailed with him. He only gets a few individuals now and then. I’d say KFaul’s is more of a detailing place than a car wash place but I know this will be my go-to place for a hand-wash-and-wipe!

Raahul H.

If you are tired of the overrated detailers that just grease the dash and tiresome call it clean but ready for an actually clean car, please go see K’Fauls. As you may see from other comments, they mainly service local dealers. Dealers only entrust the best. I suggest you do so as well if you love your ride. They are the best I’ve found in the Baton Rouge area hands down.

Mark H.

Highly recommend KFaul’s! It doesnt matter if you have a used or brand new vehicle, they can make it look showroom ready!!!!

Carlos Durant

My messy “mom car” looks brand new! They did an amazing job!

Lisa Gremillion

This is the BEST auto detailing I have had and the cleanest my car has been since I drove it from the showroom floor!! If I could give more than 5 Stars, I would!!

Mary Shilling

Awesome experience at KFaul’s. Will definitely be back. I highly recommend

Derek Yush

Great Job on my Jeep…A good job as always! Thanks Kurt!

Jenny Attuso